First the hair then the scalp which is not what they told you.

Hands formed the brain. It seems they were
these big grabby things reaching all over the rocks
pulling at lichen or mites. To keep stride, the brain
swelled up out of the cortex like a fruit fatting
fat on the vine only the vine is wrangling itself
so the melon better hurry hurry quick though
most cultures don't eat brains.

The fashion industry sprouted mindlessly.

A weed clings, serpentine

scales fit each snake in the grass.

Button holes waiting.

And strung across the line the outfits flap like prayer flags
under which we fold ourselves the story

[In the benigning]

Crown jury resolute, off with her hat!

(what was she wearing? Feathered? Taupe? who took it when her head fell into the bucket...

This is the 
the this that

so you say

Every good story has death, and a divine decorator.
                                                             if not detractor
                                                             john, mah deere

It starts with we the peephole

plug your ears say nah nah don't wanna

Here om

Toward fast tow th enow now oh!
It's always over before you get


SPEECH, redacted

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218 Roses












hand up the dress




fast forward


pistil scattered



Ocean separated from each wave, a niece nephew cousin by adoption biodaughter of the inserted womb from a Pakistani neighbor prince divorced wife great aunt stepfather's son. My Chinese mother a sitcom.

I am my own icon. I walk through traces of my outlines as they trail behind me like moving car lights in the night rain. I leave me in every room I enter.

Hindu goddess Saraswoti in lotus leaves; multi-limbed creating, she does not watch her own fingers pluck the sitar. Straightforward stare, all three eyes (maybe more). At what altitude will her air thin? Does Shiva care?

Can this float, how far? Falling cherry blossoms camouflage our tongues. Words at once within spring. Lilypad frogs these thoughts. To what to what to what leap.


Experience  //  Metaphor

          Whenever I engage in discourse, I am using 
          given meanings and values, changing them 
          and giving them back.         
                                              —Kathy Acker

I hand myself a gimme "atta boy!" non-sequitor

so that I will drag what covers my naked form

across the expanse of belly I call namesake. Without

I can't.

It may be that [this] changes nothing.

It may be that I do not agree.

It may very well be that you do too either.

Origins, like buttons, fix stories to place.

Upon a blouse, there was a conversation. It began


men women all that lay


the price of such a squander

                                      say uncle


Opposite of Sacrifice

I gave birth to a deer once.
Its hooves split me open
as the tender creature
kicked toward the light.

                                        buck body

Saliva-covered foal on its knees in the blood.
Folded over )facing east to pray( before  
                                                       my offspring

I still heaving from excruciating effort.
Lamb, this kid. Pair of slit eyes unopened.

Touch us now — pooled, vomited —
            do not clean us.

The masked father, where?


Cara Benson's book of interconnected prose poems (made), has just been published with BookThug, and Protean Parade, a book-length meditation on historical, biological and cosmological evolution, is forthcoming later this year. She teaches poetry in a NY State Prison and is a member of Black Radish Books, an international poet-publisher collective which attempts to make all decisions by bumpy consensus. Benson's "Quantum Chaos and Poems: A Manifes(o)ation" won the 2008 bpNichol Award. She edited the interdisciplinary book Predictions for Chain Links and edits the online text and image journal Sous Rature. Her net home is: http://www.necessetics.com