Okuduğum kitaplar*

"dünyanın bütün saatler birleşin korkuyu gösterin"


"tarih haritanın içindedir"

"gösteri toplumu nedir"

"yasa refakat"

"diyalektik kırılma kusurları"



*Okuduğum kitaplar:
           The title of the series means "The books I read."

Dünyanın bütün saatleri birleşin, korkuyu gösterin:
          “Dünyanın bütün saatleri birleşin, korkuyu gösterin” means “clocks of the world, unite
           and show the fear.” 
           Korku means "fear"

          Gerçek means "reality"
          yol means "way"
          yok means "not"

Tarih haritanın içindedir:    
          “Tarih haritanın içindedir” means “history is within the map”  
          Tarih means "history"
          harita means "map"

Gösteri toplumu nedir: 
          “Gösteri toplumu nedir” means “What is the Spectacle Society"  
           Vitrin means "shop window"
           Tin means "soul"

Yasa refakat:    
          “Yasa refakat” means “accompaniment for mourning”  
           Yas means "mourning"
           Yaşa means "live"

Diyalektik kırılma kusurları:    
          “Diyalektik kırılma kusurları” means “Dialectic refractive errors” 
          Zıt means "contrary"


AYŞEGÜL TÖZEREN was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1979. She graduated from Istanbul Medical Faculty in 2005, the same year her first visual poem was published in Zinhar magazine. Since then, her visual poems have been featured in Zinhar Galeri, the only visual and concrete poetry blog in Turkish. Her work has also appeared in OtolithsPublic Pages, and, with Finnish textual information, at nokturno.org. Some of the poems that originally appeared in Otoliths were exhibited in Platforma (an exhibition for Visual Poetry of Asia) in December 2006. Her poems that were originally published in the second issue of Monokl magazine in 2007 were afterward included in a special publication by Yasakmeyve magazine, the first anthology of Turkish visual poetry. She has had work published in Poetikhars, Hertz, Kitap-lık, Karagoz, Big Bridge, Yeniyazi, and Ucra Poetry magazine.