soluble colonies

[NOTE:  These poems are from an ongoing project called "soluble colonies." They're an attempt at time and space-based visual poetry, that is, poems that change over time in response to their environment. Their DNA is the letter combination "is", which occurs in every word in the colonies. They live on waste ground, in urban green spaces and along the river; some survive for weeks, other only for a few hours]

2nd December 2010

5th December 2010

20th November 2010

22nd November 2010


25th November 2010

21st November 2010


5th December 2010

4th November 2010

5th November 2010

15th November 2010


Helen White was born in Britain in 1977 and now lives in Ghent, Belgium, where she co-organizes festivals, exhibitions and workshops as a founding member of the Krikri polypoetry collective. In 2009 she curated ‘infusoria,’ an international exhibition of visual poetry by women. 

Her own work has been shown in exhibitions in Belgium, Britain, the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, Japan and the US. Recent publications include a contribution to the anthology Zieteratuur (Uitgeverij Passage, Groningen, 2010), a chapbook called How to Quote Visual Poetry (postfluxpostbooklets, 2010) and an untitled chapbook in the This is Visual Poetry series (Paper Kite Press, 2010). Her poem holding appeared as a poster from Paper Kite Press in 2009.

By day she is the business manager of the Logos Foundation in Ghent, where she helps take care of an orchestra of about 40 musical robots and a little white dog called Floesj.