Anselm Berrigan


You cubed the family

pet! Unglued train exhaling!
Always have never seen! I
mean heard! Highwire! One
"hears" tripwire! seeing high-!
Whose "whose" Halt "halt!"
Is "wants" That? "Ting?"

                                                       I think this character
                                                       is a sieve hound of
                                                       obscure ordinary type
                                                       Getting ready to have
                                                       been resequencing. For
                                                       money. For blowhere. Slurfaces

Trolling faster trolls

SMASH them. EAT them
leaning. Chains performing
self-deleting; Dear AB,
germshot occupies your
warming facelessness.
with rigors, Veep Biding.

                                                       Safe to poison the local
                                                       rats, autumn incoming. A
                                                       sense of where they ain't
                                                       "can kiss my whole asshole."
                                                       Lame domestic turbulence
                                                       Like liking in thought flats

Laterness Happilyness

Exeuntedness Is Blank
On the Verdure of
Collapseness  Dipped
In Beans.... Human Beans
Nestling Occucaust
Thicknessing Schism 


Notes:                                             Classified

Convey the                                       I lack undead obsession

dependence                                      I need to go through that
of will on                                          wormhole into deep undead
structural                                         obsession space. But I need
by clauseses                                     help! - please call me with
scorn wearing                                   suggestions - zombie ideas
a medicinal                                       not applicable - at anselmb-
generosity                                        errigan@aol.com Also,
mask. The                                        tell me what it is. No ink
what without                                    derivations, meetings, or
the lying                                          reading recommendations.
why will do.                                      Politics acceptable if imp-
I got the                                          licit (non-allegorical). Think:
awkward                                          referral. Or, think: shape of
blues. I some-                                  obsession with specific
times usually                                    regard to undead things.
change my                                       Rank the dead! Without
mind about                                       being morbidly apologetic.
sugar. Any
excuse to run                                   After Adam's Link
the menu on
the cover.                                        So calm - bath salts calm
True, I was                                      the youthsters won't strangle
this close to                                     me softly for safety through
poppin' a claw                                  the once more recently hoity
in Slim's eye.                                   toity village - it wouldn't be
Came to able                                    as it weren't - personal like
to smell any                                     grandpa's bitching trident
metal. Some-                                   with which their stresses
one thought                                     shunted them post-existence
up this                                             back there in modernity the
incubated                                         heron agenda singeth pharcyde
illusion-throwing                               suites stuck pappily in dislocation
faux French                                      like a charmed priority mugging
Fantomex and                                  itself to solve for synthesis
sitting in g-ma's 
backyard I                                       Sucker Ganglia
can't get his
panelled                                          a crooner's just another idea
assassination                                   dressed up in the sultrier
of the would-be                               contours of putrefaction.
Apocalypse, a                                  Don't back me up, says
tyke, back                                       the coming counter-intuition.
into object                                       All the urgent one-lane
form for squeaky                             one-headed lanies aheadster
contemplatory                                 when the context for resistance
assignation of                                  goes cave, "it was not good"
impure yap. The                              I got allowed to think, howing
cactus in the   
corner there                                    Insistence
grew from a
chunk brought                                 So wrong. Soapy
here from                                        contagion hovering
Phoenix - it's                                   mini-scoots. Licking
thingyness is                                   stages of compression.
at least eighty                                 Saucy wonder infestilstrates
years old. We're                               the clothesethes.
not supposed                                   We've traded in our Oberkfell
to alternate                                     right-this-fracking-nowser.
realities and                                    Rev fear. Quotation
divest them                                     threatening. Bobcats field offers.
from fantasy                
for enigma's                                    The Insistences
sake - I have
never seen                                      Not too shabby for
that bambi-                                     a Royal Institute of
eyed plaster                                    Prick-like pricks.
rabbit's missing                               There are places I
ear seven ft.                                    Renumber. Hey. When
in front of                                        in lengthy toothy
me, for instance.                              squirelly baggy deaky
The following                                   monky slably dorky
titles require                                    queasy me me me-y
poems to go                                    purple blotchy turned
under them:                                    on polka-creepy
Insistencing                                     mode. One bean
The intersistices                               makes you nervous
Inner Peacenessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessness


Anselm Berrigan is working on a kind of excavation process, the consequences of which will hopefully remain tbd. A half-book, or a book written halfly, with John Coletti having written the other halfly, called SKASERS, should be ejected from Flowers & Cream soon. Another book, Primitive State, might come out some time down the road. He would like some decent-to-well paying but not too overbearing work starting in February.