10 WOMEN 2

           Photographic Encaustic by Jill Skupin Burkholder


When the VIDA numbers came out, we, as women writers and editors, paid close attention.  Our first issue at Peep/Show was devoted to 10 women writers whose works we love, though it was nearly an impossible task to limit it to ten. With our fourth issue, we’ve brought together the work of 10 more women in large, juicy hunks of seriality, works that we couldn’t, for various reasons, include in our first issue, but that continued to haunt us. 

Let us Haunt you for free.  Can you spell ""goosebumps"" with your dark alphabets?  Check out our new MERCHANDISE section where you can buy official Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours™ items.  Take note of your 3-D effects, how you behave in the Insanatorium, your Paranormal Magic.  We offer more chills, cool new unlockables, and plenty of scary new enemies.  Over thirty years have passed in Old Man's Cave, Moonville Tunnel.
The plot is a frame story, and walks a fragile line. Stuffing only what they need into one suitcase, ten people board a bus with a nationwide index of brief descriptions, still stalking, pacing back and forth on the Cupola like a series of parades, costume balls, spooky ride-through tours of an ominous kingdom, a walk-through dark attraction filled with incredible monsters, an optional crescendo event transformed into a mandatory one.

                         Lynn Behrendt & Anne Gorrick, Curators
                               August 1, 2011